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exhibitions & events 2016


Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 7th – 30th October

Preview: 6th October (Trongate 103 First Thursday)

This box set of prints, LOW LANDS, holds work by eight artists who are connected both by their use of the Glasgow Print Studio to make artwork and by having received funding from the Bet Low Trust for a range of projects.

The Bet Low Trust is a registered Scottish charity. This Trust, set up by Scottish artist Bet Low DLitt ARSA RSW RGI, awards scholarships to students or practising artists in Scotland in the fields of drawing or painting.

LOW LANDS was chosen as the title for the box set to house all the prints made. It references that each artist involved works in a land that has been enriched by Bet Low. She is an important figure in Scotland and her influence is still actively felt through the generosity of the Bet Low Trust. The title also reference Low’s own artwork, which shows her love for landscape.

Each artist receives one of each of the prints made. A set will go in to the archive at the Glasgow Print Studio, one to the Bet Low Trust and two sets will go to sponsors of the project. The creation of this set of prints was aided by generous sponsorship from John Purcell Paper and Downie Allison Downie bookbinders.

Artists included:
Rachel Duckhouse
Andreas Behn Eschenburg
Claire Forsyth
Alistair Gow
Bronwen Sleigh
Karen Vaughan
Alasdair Wallace
Abigaile Neate Wilson

Image: Andreas Behn Eschenburg, Low Lands, relief and etching, 72 x 52 cm. LOW LANDS box set with etching by Abigail Neate Wilson..


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