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exhibitions & events 2016

'On paper' - International Printmaking

'On paper' -  International Printmaking
Trongate 103 Foyer
Exhibition Runs: 5th - 28th August

Preview: 4th August (Trongate 103 First Thursday)


‘ON PAPER’ 2016 presents an exhibition of the winning and shortlisted artists from the 2nd Annual ‘ON PAPER’ International Printmaking award 2016.

ON PAPER is a project based in Barcelona to encourage and exhibit printmaking work from local and international artists. The ON PAPER project was born in Sala Ramona, a small music and art venue in Barcelona, holding its inaugural show in 2012. Since then, ON PAPER has shown printmaking work from many artists in Sala Ramona.

In 2015, ON PAPER organised its first annual international printmaking award with an exhibition of the shortlisted prints. This year ON PAPER holds its 2nd annual award with the winning and shortlisted prints exhibited in the Trongate 103 Foyer space in association with Glasgow Print Studio.

The winner and runner up will be announced at the opening on Thursday 4 August.

241 artists applied to the 2nd ON PAPER contest, from 40 different countries. The jury voting for this year’s shortlisted prints were:

Eva Figueras
Barcelona, Spain
Professor Fine Art Faculty (University of Barcelona)

Friedhard Kiekeben
Chicago, US
Associate Professor Fine Art (Columbia College Chicago)

Stuart Duffin
Scotland, UK
Artist, musician and Etching Master in the Glasgow Print Studio

Ral Veroni
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Artist, gallery owner of Galería Mar Dulce and editor at Ediciones Urania

Cleo Wilkinson
Printmaking artist and winner of ON PAPER contest 2015

The 11 works with the most votes were shortlisted and can be seen at the show. The shortlisted artists are:

Bridget Tempest
Caterina Monasta
Deborah Chapman
Gracie Guerrero-Bustini
Ian Chamberlain
Jave Yoshimoto
Kum Young Kwon
Masaaki Sugita
Mehdi Darvishi
Melanie Davies
Richard Hricko

Image: (from top) Katerina Monasta, Jave Yoshimoto, Melanie Davies.


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