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exhibitions & events 2021

Bronwen Sleigh: Cross Section

Bronwen Sleigh: Cross Section
Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 02 - 23 October 2021

Preview: Friday 01 October, 2.30pm - 5.30pm

Bronwen Sleigh is a visual artist who works in printmaking, drawing and sculpture, taking inspiration from manmade structures set within a wide variety of landscapes. Cross Section showcases a selection of prints and drawings inspired by urban environments in Uganda, Canada and Scotland - some of the locations Sleigh has drawn inspiration from.

Nile Avenue

Sleigh often focusses on the unfamiliarity of foreign places, where street furniture and architectural spaces have subtle differences. The work investigates attitudes to space as expressed through architecture and its relationship to the landscape. It is an intuitive response to her experience of physically existing within these built environments, exploring space rather than describing it, challenging perceptions of the ordinary by presenting it in an unfamiliar way.

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Image: Caribou Street, handcoloured etching, 24 x 27cm, edition of 20. Nile Avenue Study IX, handcoloured etching, 24 x 27cm, edition of 20.


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