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exhibitions & events 2015

Jila Peacock

Jila Peacock
Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: Friday 2nd October - Sunday 1st November

Preview: Thursday 1st October, 6-8pm (Trongate 103 First Thursday)

The Conference of the Birds

Jila Peacock has used monotype and chine collé techniques to produce a series of paintings depicting scenes from The Conference of the Birds, a medieval Persian poem by Farid Ud-Din Attar (1140-1220).

These are a new departure in her enduring search to make images that translate poetry and music.

Attar’s great allegory, The Conference of the Birds, is among the most significant of all works of Persian literature and is concerned with the doctrine of Sufism, the search for self-knowledge through metaphysical truth.

Jila Peacock graduated in Fine Art Painting/Film at St Martin’s School of art in 1984. Her work is in many public collections and her film Tongue of the Hidden received a nomination for a BAFTA award in 2008.

Image: Jila Peacock, 'Reflection: Canary', monotype and chine collé, 50 x 30 cm.


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