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exhibitions & events 2015

Katie Ward

Katie Ward
Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 3rd July - 2nd August

Preview: Thursday 2nd July, 6-8pm, 6-8pm (Trongate 103 1st Thursday)

Exploring painting's complex and seductive language, Katie creates pictures laced with both abstract and figurative tensions to celebrate the diversity of gestural expression. Accordingly, her pieces evolve through a harmony of intuition and playful experimentation.

She draws inspiration from a visual interpretation of personal experience; often describing a sense of place, a specific atmospheric tone, or condition. She believes artists can use their creative voice to communicate feelings and experiences as a narrative, in which to affect others, and this is the primary intention that drives her current artistic practice.

Katie's works in printmaking, complement and enhance her painting. They contribute a somewhat playful tone, whilst offering intense bursts of colour and a radiating energy. Originating from layers of assorted techniques, her prints combine etching, collagraph, collage and monotype. Each unique print evolves through various trans-formative states, as the piece will continually reform itself through her resolving process. A finished print finally concludes to an overall pictorial harmony.

Image: Katie Ward, 'Pod', etching, collagraph, monotype.


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