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exhibitions & events 2012

Rachel Duckhouse, Bronwen Sleigh and Mark Campbell

Rachel Duckhouse, Bronwen Sleigh and Mark Campbell
Glasgow Print Studio, First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 8th June - 22nd July 2012

Preview: Thursday 7th June 6pm - 8pm 2012

An exhibition by three Glasgow based artists, all of whom explore their own ideas of space, architecture and perspective through various print and drawing media.

Rachel Duckhouse's recent screenprints, etchings and drawings have focused on creating balanced yet imperfect sculptural forms on a flat surface, and play with ideas of folding, breaking, layering and floating in open space.

Bronwen Sleigh is best known for her hand coloured, linear etchings, often large in scale, that look at the relationship between the natural environment and industrial architecture.

Mark Campbell's
large woodcut and drawing poster pieces are the second installment of his 'Jelevision' series concerning narcissism and the influences of the media on the young.

Image: Rachel Duckhouse, "Orange Fold", 29 x 33 cm, screenprint. Bronwen Sleigh, "London Stansted", 76 x 122 cm, etching. Mark Campbell, "Jelevision/Gogh", 180 x 150 cm, woodcut.


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