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exhibitions & events 2020

Richard Marsden

Richard Marsden
Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 06 - 29 March 2020

Preview: Thursday 05 March 2020, 6pm - 8pm (Trongate 103 1st Thursday)

Richard Marsden is a Printmaker from Leeds, currently living in Glasgow after completing a Masters in Fine Art Practice (Printmaking) at the Glasgow School of Art. He is also a founding and cooperative member of the Leeds Print Workshop. Richard uses screenprinting to create geometric compositions, a process which allows him to experiment with overlapping flat spaces of colour, exploring relationships between individual forms.

Marsden - Joint

"My work explores the relationships between different forms and colours including the space around the prints and the colours and textures of the paper itself. These particular works are influenced by construction, the functional elements within architecture we cannot see which are then placed in a two-dimensional space to create new formalistic compositions. There are overarching parallels of ideas between the physicality of building and the process of screenprinting, constructing balanced structures using different layers of ink."

Image: From top: Richard Marsden, 'Overlap', screenprint on Fabriano 5 in an edition of 10, image size 38 x 30 cm. Richard Marsden, 'Joint', screenprint on Somerset Velvet Newsprint, 27 x 24cm in an edition of 25.


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