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Academicians III

Academicians III

Marian Leven RSA, Hughie O'Donoghue RA, Barbara Rae RSA RA & Emma Stibbon RA.

Preview: Friday 21st November 2014, 6-8pm

Glasgow Print Studio, First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 2nd November 2014 - 25th January 2015

Glasgow Print Stud
io presents the third in our series of exhibitions featuring the outstanding work of four well respected Royal and Royal Scottish Academicians.


Glasgow Print Studio Publications

Gray Lanark

Fiona Wilson

“The Swans will sing when the Jackdaws are silent”

For her most recent project, 'The Birds', Fiona Wilson has used print-based imagery to depict women who may have assumed certain characteristics of their feathered friends. Throughout history birds have featured in many cultural sayings and tales and Fiona has drawn upon these as inspiration. Some birds are thought of as wild, some are tame and some have been captured, caged by their desires. Some fly south for the winter, but some have had their wings clipped, so are forced to stay.


Above: Fiona Wilson, Bird's Nest, image size 31 x 28 cm, monotype. © The artist and Glasgow Print Studio.

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