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Alasdair Gray

Alasdair Gray Season: A Life in Print and Posters
Glasgow Print Studio, First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 11th October - 16th November

Preview: Saturday 11th October 12 noon - 2pm

You and your guest are invited to attend the preview of  'A Life in Prints and Posters', part of the city-wide Alasdair Gray Season celebrating Alasdair Gray at eighty years old.
Alasdair Gray's prolific production of distinctive and original works of art and writing make him one of the most influential and admired creative polymaths of recent times. Better known as a novelist, but also a muralist, playwright, printmaker and illustrator, Gray's best-known productions as a visual artist are his graphic illustrations for his own books.

Gray has been working with Glasgow Print Studio since the 1970s. His first book, The Comedy of the White Dog, was published by the Glasgow Print Studio Press in 1979. In 1981, he produced a set of six printed illustrations at Glasgow Print Studio for his new novel,Lanark: A Life in Four Books. The prints include designs for the cover and frontispiece of the book, as well as the four sections within the novel which run in the order: Book 3, Book 1, Book 2, Book 4.
A Life in Print and Posters will examine Gray's print practice and its development over the years through working with Glasgow Print Studio. There will be preliminary draft prints as part of the exhibition, showing Gray's working practice. It will also be an opportunity to view the extensive range of Gray's poster works.
Gray frequently revisits previous work, recycling and developing ideas. This exhibition includes prints made in 2008 which were developed from drawings the artist made in the 1970s as well as six new screenprints based on the original lithographs made for Lanark.

The Alasdair Gray Season celebrates Gray at eighty years old. This exhibition is part of a season focusing on Alasdair Gray’s visual work, with exhibitions and events across venues including The Glasgow School of Art, GoMA, Kelvingrove Museum and Glasgow Print Studio. 

See works by Alasdair Gray online at Glasgow Print Studio.

Glasgow Print Studio Publications

BAS prints A5

Click here or the image above to download a PDF leaflet featuring all the prints produced at Glasgow Print Studio for the Below another sky project. Includes works by Rohini Devasher, Michael Fullerton, Jim Lambie, and Seher Shah. 

gregor smith

Landscape artist Gregor Smith creates etchings and watercolours that are rich in atmosphere and translucency. Drawing directly from the subject is central to his work, be it research for painting or printmaking - nature is his source. This can often entail working in adverse circumstances; weather conditions are a vital stimulant - perhaps a traditional Scottish ingredient. 

“Scotland has provided subject matter in abundance from which to interpret and I have drawn much from its landscape and coast, and its weather over the decades.”

Smith's inspiration is not limited to the Scottish environs, he enjoys travelling particularly to northern regions and much was made of a coastal trip from Kirkenes in the north of Norway to Bergen in early 2012. “Particularly rewarding were the vast sweeps of heavy falling snow, deep slate grey skies and sea, and precipitous cliffs, subjects which indicate a particular avenue of exploration for me to follow in printmaking.”

Above: Gregor Smith, Varanger Fjord, etching with sugar lift, varied edition of 6, 38 x 63.5 cm.

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