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Carey, June

For as long as I can remember I have drawn. I have a need to make marks to describe form and I do this best either drawing with a pencil, pastel, brush or an etching tool.

30 years ago, I discovered that I could draw onto a metal plate with a sharp tool and etch it to produce another kind of “drawing” called an Etching. This sensation of drawing onto a hard smooth surface with a sharp tool was extremely satisfying to me.

I found that the process of drawing an image onto a metal plate with a dark surface made it difficult to see clearly what I was drawing. Because etching involves various technical procedures, I found that I had to focus on this rather than on the image I was making. I found that the results were always surprising

To my amazement, this allowed my subconscious mind to dictate what I was drawing and set my imagination free. I also realised that an etching takes on a life of its own during the process of making one.

During this period I began to travel widely. I visited many foreign countries with very different and diverse cultures and found that this brought about an incredible change in my work. I discovered that these experiences fed my imagination which is now vital to the development of my work as an artist.

This new body of work deals with an on-going subject of mine and is ever present somewhere in my work. It is love and comes in many forms.

I try to make my thoughts on this subject visible, which are of course, invisible.

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