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Davis, Kate

Born in New Zealand in 1977, Kate Davis completed her BA Printmaking in 2000 and an MPhil in Art in Organisational Contexts in 2001 at Glasgow School of Art. While serving as a committee member of Glasgow's Transmission Gallery she exhibited in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, London, Vienna, Basel, Dundee and Buffalo. In 2003, she represented Scotland at the Venice Biennale and was selected for East International in Norwich.

Kate Davis makes meticulously rendered drawings that play with the representation of beauty, symmetry and evolution. Visual similes and metaphors tease the eye with incongruous metamorphoses of nature and culture, abstraction and representation, beauty and catastrophe. Reference points include Brancusi, Hepworth, Picasso and Goya, and most recently, the work and writings of the surrealists. These works convey an anthropomorphic view of the objects, which inhabit our immediate environment, animating the space we occupy.

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