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Coventry, Keith

Keith Coventry is a British artist and curator. In September 2010 he won the John Moores Painting Prize.

In the art of Keith Coventry, the detritus, aggression and excess of postmodern society is expressed through the poised and elegant language of modernism. There is a poetic detachment in his work, expressed through his favouring of workmanlike, un-aesthetic colours which can often appear random, coldly institutional or light industrial. His art conflates the mournful, quotidian sensibility of consumer culture, tribal aggression, prostitution, drugs and bored despair, with both high modernist strategies and geo-political models.

Charles Saatchi was an early advocate and collector, featuring Coventry in Young British Artists at his gallery in London; his work was featured in the Sensation Exhibition, which exposed the Young British Artists (YBAs) to a wider audience when it was staged at the Royal Academy in 1997. In 2006, he received a mid-career retrospective at Glasgow's Tramway Art Centre. Since 2006, he has exhibited in London, Zurich, Berlin, and Seoul

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